List of available courses

First Steps

For parents with children from birth to 3 years old, or for young couples planning to become parents.


First Letters

A program for parents with children from 4 to 7 years old.


First Decisions

A program for parents with children from 8 to 10 years old.


Early Teens

A program for parents with children from 11 to 13 years old.



A program for parents with children from 14 to 18 years old.


Marital Love

For couples of all ages. There is a need for a strong bond between the spouses in order to achieve better results in raising children.


Personal Project

For young people facing their future. Big decisions, that will affect the rest of their lives, are taken at this moment.


Course Objectives

The objective of the FDF courses is to make the role of parents more "professional". By professionalism we mean fostering responsibility, freedom and love, enabling the family to perform its crucial role.

In addition to men and women being trained to be better professionals, they must also be trained in parenting. The Family Development programmes provide them with the knowledge and tools to allow them to achieve greater family happiness.

Course Structure

The FDF courses are structured on the basis of programmes designed in accordance with the various stages of children’s development; the marital love course includes the most important aspects in a marital relationship. They provide knowledge on the main pedagogic frameworks and the basic habits that children must learn.

The courses developed in this programme are based on the case study method, a particularly participative methodology in which a small group of couples grouped in teams analyse real cases discussed at general sessions moderated by experts.

Courses take place over several sessions, on a monthly or fortnightly basis, or, on special occasions, by accumulating several sessions over a few weekends. The number of sessions depends on each course, but they always have the required minimum to cover the basic contents and the rhythm is marked by the coordinator, adapted to the needs of the couples taking part.

Attendance of both husband and wife

It is fundamental for the husband and wife to take over the responsibility for the educational role, and both must agree to undertake a real commitment for their personal, marital and family happiness. Only then can progress be made if a common goal is sought. This is why the attendance of both spouses is a specific requirement to take part in our courses.

Co-ordination of the courses

The programmes are coordinated by our experts who are involved in organising the activities to train and support families. The coordinators of the courses are professionals from various sectors trained in moderation and communication techniques and with a wide knowledge of the contents of each of the programmes.

The courses are developed within the scope of a common role: we are parents training parents, families training families.

Schedule and Payment of the courses

Each course will have a schedule once a sufficient amount of people have registered their interest. Each course has a cost of £90 per couple, except Personal Project, that has a cost of £60.

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